Pop the cork and raise a glass to another year together! Whether you’re toasting an anniversary with your partner, celebrating on the day of your wedding, or just want to have an extra-special Valentine’s Day, dressing up a bottle of champagne (or a bottle of your favorite anything–the label is extendable to fit many sizes) is an easy DIY add-on that will make your celebration extra-special.

The hearts are printed with the numbers 0-9, so you can personalize however you like. Maybe it’s the number of years you’ve been together, the current year if you’re celebrating your wedding day, or just a special date between the two of you. You can write initials, words, or even write a little note on the back, too, for something extra special.

Bottles are super versatile! You can…

Wrap the bottle you pour at your dinner-for-two
Use as table numbers and put a bottle on each table at a rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, or bridal shower (later, everyone can cheers with the champagne on their table!)
Send as a gift to a favorite couple
Bring to a bachelorette weekend to celebrate
Line up at the bar to be used for a specialty drink

And the uses don’t stop there! The hearts themselves can be…

Sprinkled on the table
Used as gift tags (write on the back!)
Taped to a toothpick and stuck into a cupcake or any other dessert
Slipped into an envelope or card for an extra touch
Taped to a journal or scrapbook

Don’t forget about the wrapper! Feel free to…

Print a bunch and tape together to use as a table runner
Wrap it around a gift
Wrap around a book, journal, or scrapbook

What you need:

How To:

Step 1: Download, print, and cut out templates

Step 2: Tape one end of the wrapper to the back of the bottle so that it covers the label. Wrap it all the way around and secure tightly in the back with another piece of tape underneath. Use extenders provided if needed.

Step 3: Tie string or ribbon in a bow around the neck of the bottle.

Step 4: Punch holes in top corner of hearts, loop one tail through each heart and secure with either a knot in the back, or just by tying around.