This is a great centerpiece, favor and game all in one. Have guests scoop candies into bags for party favors or guess how many pieces fill the bowl to win a prize!


What you’ll need:

  • Jack-O-Lantern template
  • Round clear bowl
  • Orange candy
  • Paper (black, green and brown)
  • doublestick tape

Step 1 Fill bowl to the top with orange candy

Step 2 Print out Jack-O-Lantern template, trace face onto black paper and stem onto brown and cut out.

Step 3 For the pumpkin vine, cut a very thin strip of green paper wrap it around your finger. Hold for 30 seconds to curl. (Or, use quilling paper or ribbon and curl with scissors.) Tape to bottom of paper stem.

Step 4 Tape face onto bowl and push the stem into the top of the candy until it stands up straight (you can also use a green candy stick or dowel as backing for the stem).

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