Nothing says “Valentine’s Day” more than one of those massive heart-shaped boxes of chocolate samplers—but not everyone needs 36 truffles this February. For that Valentine’s vibe, without the candy, buy a sleek, simple red box, and decorate it yourself.

Add my illustrated bow—keep it plain, color it in or add a name to turn it into a gift tag
Tie on a real ribbon
Hand some glitter glue to kids and let them make their own designs

Fill the box with whatever you want—or nothing besides a heartfelt card. A catch-all box this pretty is a gift unto itself—and a bold piece of decor; my friend David Stark filled our shelves with these when he took over our mantel for Valentine’s Day.

What You’ll Need:


Step 1 Download Box Bow template, print, and cut out.

Step 2  Attach to box top with doublestick tape.