You don’t need dry ice or eyeball-spiked punch to serve up some sinister spirits. Here’s how to make your own vials of “Bat Blood,” Snake Venom,” “Spider Cider,” or good old XXX poison.

What You’ll Need:

1. Black Spray Paint, 2. Glass Bottle, 3. Tall Black Bottles, 4. Gauze Fabric, 5. Glass Bottles

Step 1 Download our Spooky Label templates, print onto sticker paper and and cut out, then attach labels to bottles. Or, print on white paper, cut out and adhere to bottle with doublestick tape.

Step 2 We stocked our potion pantry with matte black bottles, but you can scare up these labels on any wine bottle, liquor bottle, glass jar, anything that could hold “witches’ brew.” And if you’re just using the bottles as decor, try filling clear bottles with dark or dyed liquid for eerie effect.

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