Darcy Miller Designs, GraduationWhether they’re graduating from elementary school, middle school, high school, college or beyond, celebrate your graduate with a sweet surprise! These Graduation Chocolate Bar Wrappers are a thoughtful gift for the graduate, and a fun favor for a graduation party. Just download our Graduation Chocolate Bar Wrappers template, wrap it around a chocolate bar, and secure with doublestick tape.

Now, the top of the bar will read “Congrads,” and there’s space between the stars on the back to write the name of your own superstar graduate. Or, write the name of each guest at a graduation dinner and leave one at each plate as a place-card and favor in one. You can wrap extra bars so the graduate can hand one to each of their friends at commencement! (And if they’re finishing law school, tell them to think of it as an easy way to pass the bar!)

To personalize the chocolate even further, decorate it with cut-outs of a graduate’s cap and diploma. The drawings are on our Graduation Chocolate Bar Wrappers template, and are also handy for decorating photos, scrapbooks or scrapboxes, or scattering across the table at the graduation party as confetti. It’s a fun, easy way to celebrate your graduate’s achievements with pomp, circumstance, and chocolate!

Darcy Miller Designs

What You’ll Need:


Step 1: Download the Graduation Chocolate Bar Wrappers template, print onto paper, cut as marked, and wrap around your chocolate bar to measure size. Unwrap and cut to fit around the bar.

Step 2: Wrap the Graduation Chocolate Bar Wrapper around the bar and secure with doublestick tape.

Step 3: Cut out diplomas and hats and tape one of each—or more!—to the front of the bar.

Step 4: Optional: Write the graduate’s name—or the names of guests at a graduation party if you’re using these as placecards—on the back of the bar. Now you’re ready to say, Congrads!