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Whether you’re throwing together a last-minute graduation celebration, sending a card to conGRADulate a grad, or just want some festive extras for a special graduation day, these DIY paper cut-outs will make it easy.

Use the big CONGRATS mortarboard as…

a cake topper (or waffle topper, or pancake topper, or sandwich topper, or pizza topper…anything goes!) by simply taping it to a toothpick.

the card itself–make sure to write on the back before slipping in mail!

a gift tag, where punch a hole in one corner.

a graduation garland made by stringing a bunch together.

a place card at a graduation dinner, with guests’ names written on each cap.

The pennants and diploma are perfect for table confetti, or for slipping into an envelope as an extra-special card just bursting with congratulations.

All you need to do is download, print, and cut the Grad Cap Template out, and let inspiration strike. However you use these shapes, make sure to let your grad know just how proud of them you are.

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