Halloween Decor
Come Halloween, stretchy white spiderwebs are everywhere. You can elevate yours to a more elegant version with gold wire, spray paint and some spidey skills. (Ours was about 3 feet in diameter, but you can make yours bigger or smaller to fit your space.)

What You’ll Need:

1. Fake Spider, 2. Gold Spray Paint, 3. Museum wax 4. Spool Thin Gold Wire, 5. Spool Gauged Gold Straight Wire, 6. Black Fabric

To Make the Web

Step 1 Cut 6 lengths of thick-gauged gold straight wire, Ours were about 3 feet each.

Step 2 Criss-cross the 6 pieces together to resemble a star or bicycle wheel.Bind the wires together in the center using hot glue, then wrap wire around it to hide the glue. This is the base for your web.

Step 3 Cut lengths of the thinner spooled gold wire; ours were no longer than 2-3 ft.

Step 4 To weave your web, tie an end of one of the thinner wires to one of the spokes close to the center of the web. Make loose swoops with the thin wire and wrap it around each spoke until you have a small circle. Use a little bit of museum wax or a tiny glue dot on the back of the web where the thin wire wraps around the spokes to hold it in place.

Step 5 Repeat, working your way out from this inner circle to make a ripple of larger swooped circles of thin wire in your web. Don’t worry about spacing them perfectly! Spider webs are random!

Step 6 As a finishing touch, attach your spider to the web using your glue gun.

We chose gold wire for this web, but you could use silver or black wire for a different look, or spray paint your web any color you like.


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