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A few swipes of a piped icing turn a delicious dessert into decor for a holiday party, birthday party, or any other celebratory occasion! Just cut a pan of brownies into squares—or any other gift-like shape you like. Then, use a piping bag or a Ziploc with one corner cut off to pipe on “ribbons” and a “bow” made out of royal icing, turning them into “Gift Box” Brownies. (Don’t forget to pipe down the sides so it really looks like a gift—but leave the bottom icing-free or they’ll get smudged!)

Now you can stack them, line them up, or make them the dessert “course” on a cocktail party graze board. These tasty little presents make a fun dessert centerpiece, or you can leave one at each guest’s place, pipe on an initial and they double as place cards!.Pop them into clear boxes and they work as favors, too! Or, for a holiday gift that works for everyone from teachers to colleagues to family members, fill a tray or entire box with “Gift Box” Brownies.

You can use whatever brownie recipe is your favorite—or make them blondies or rice krispie treats! Or, mix a tray up with several different versions. Tint the color of the royal icing with food coloring to customize your brownies and get creative! These are so easy and fun they’re the gifts you’ll keep on giving all holidays long!

What You’ll Need

  • Brownies
  • Knife
  • Royal icing
  • Piping bag or Ziploc bag with one corner cut off
  • Optional: Clear box (if giving as favors)


Step 1 Slice brownies into squares, rectangles or whatever gift shape you like.

Step 2 Fill a piping bag (or a baggie with the corner cut off) with royal icing.

Step 3 Pipe on “ribbons” and “bows” and your gift box brownies are good to gift.

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