Darcy Miller DesignsSurprise your kid when they pull out their lunch bag, your Valentine at dinner, or anyone you’d like to make smile with a funny sticker on their favorite fruit. Just download our template of fun fruit stickers, print out, and stick onto the peel (or the box the fruit comes in) as an unexpected way to brighten someone’s day.

Our stickers have sweet illustrations and fun sayings for everyone from your true love (“we are the perfect pear”) to your kids, niece or nephew, or anyone you admire (“you’re the apple of my eye”).

You can print the labels on sticker paper or on regular white (or any light-colored!) paper, cut, and stick them on with doublestick tape. (Just make sure the stickers are removed and fruit rinsed before eating!)

There are so many fun ways to surprise someone with our sweet fruit stickers:

Pack one in a school lunch
Put one—or several—in the fruit bowl and wait for everyone to notice
Bring an apple to a teacher
Serve an afterschool snack with a fun message
Customize a fruit basket before dropping it off
Add some fun to breakfast, lunch or dinner
Stick them on fruit, then replace in the fridge for a stealth surprise!
Slip a lime or orange in a cocktail kit and give it as a gift
Use the lime, orange, and avocado stickers and invite the gang over for margaritas, guacamole, and a few laughs
Stick them on several fruits and use as party favors, Valentines, or fun holiday gifts

However you use them, they turn a favorite fruit into a fun surprise!

Darcy Miller Designs

What You’ll Need

  • Fun Fruit Stickers template
  • White sticker paper (or plain white or colored paper) for printing
  • Scissors
  • Doublestick tape (optional, if using plain white paper instead of sticker paper)
  • Fruit of your choice

Step 1: Download Fun Fruit Stickers template, print onto sticker or white paper and cut out.

Step 2: Peel off the backing of the sticker paper and adhere to fruit. If you used white paper instead, adhere to fruit using doublestick tape.

Step 3: Give your fun fruit to a friend or family member or set it out somewhere as a sweet surprise.

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