To show off Dracula’s gold grill, clip gilded a set of gilded fangs into a piece of black velvet and frame them. Here’s what you need:

What You’ll Need:

1. Frame, 2. Gold Spray Paint, 3. Pumpkin, 4. Fangs, 5. Fake Snake, 6. Fake Spiders, 7. Black Fabric, 8. Bust, 9. Fake Crow


Step 1 Take apart the frame and wrap velvet around the back to measure.

Step 2 Cut a rectangle of velvet leaving an inch of overlap on the back of the frame.

Step 3 Wrap the velvet around the frame, taping it in back.

Step 4 Replace the frame, leaving out the glass piece. The front of the frame will hold the fabric in place. (The tape just keeps the loose ends out of the way.)

Step 5 Stick the fangs into the frame, so that the back of the fangs catches on the velvet. Now your gilded grill is ready to hang!

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