These fill-in-the-pie cards prompt Thanksgiving guests to list what they’re thankful for, while the blank version lets you Pie-It-Yourself, writing the occasion and the prompt. At a birthday that might be Bob’s Birthday Pie! with the side asking guests to list “Reasons Bob is Sweet as Pie!” On π day, make it a Pi Pie, and calculate the number on the side as far as you can. (We’ll start you off: 3.14…) And if it’s a pie-themed party with no occasion to speak of, make it an Oh My Pie slice with a list on the side that starts “My favorite flavors are…”

What You’ll Need:

Step 1 Download Fill-in-the-Pie template and print out.

Step 2 Cut slices.

Step 3 Set a slice at each place, along with a pen, so guests can dig into this pie.

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