When Jodi Levine of Supermakeit asked me to participate in a joint project creating a rainbow worth of holiday crafts along with some of my favorite crafters, I was filled with, um, excite-mint. That’s because my color is mint green. It’s a fresh take on the traditional dark green of Christmas, but also the perfect color for winter in general—it looks icy cool and if you mix mint extract into a cookie, frosting, whipped cream, hot chocolate (or even a hot chocolate martini) it tastes like a holiday treat.

Since winter is full of presents, I drew a supersized gift tag filled with mint-tinted winter scenes (also giving it to you here in black and white for kids to color in!). And because cookies are a classic holiday gift, you can also staple on a cookie bag, so it’s a gift-tag and a present all in one.

These mint-frosted cookies match the tag–and are letters that match the recipient’s name–but you could use any kind you like (and color the tag to match!). For more fun cookie ideas, click here.

Of course, you can also tape or tie the larger-than-life tag atop bigger presents! Or, make the color the inspiration for a mint-themed party, where decor and food items are all inspired by the color (and, in this case, flavor!). You can see some of our favorite mint finds below.

1. Plate, 2. Napkin, 3. Wood Cutlery 4. Cup, 5. Ribbon, 6. Tissue Paper

Here’s how to make our mint-tastic gift tag:

What You’ll Need

  • Extra-large Mint Gift Tag Template
  • White cardstock (or Paper)
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Pen or Pencil to write name
  • Marker to color in black and white gift tag (optional)
  • String to attach gift tag to bow (optional)
  • Tape (to tape tag to present)

If you’re turning the tag into a treat bag, you’ll also need

  • A cookie or small gift
  • A cellophane bag
  • Doublestick tape OR
  • Stapler and staples

To Make:

Step 1 Download our Extra-large Mint Gift Tag Template, print, and cut out.

Step 2 Write recipient’s name along the bottom line.

Step 3 Punch a hole out where indicated, thread a string through and tie to the bow on a wrapped present. Or, skip the bow and tape to the box itself.

Step 4 If attaching a cookie, slip cookie into the cello bag, fold, tape shut, and attach to the tag using doublestick tape.
Slip cookie into cello bag, fold card in half, place it over the open end of the bag with the recipient name showing and staple together to seal.

P.S. If you want to see some of the incredibly talented crafters involved, check out their Instagram feeds here:

Amber Kemp-Gerstel: @damasklove, Alice & Lois: @aliceandlois, Brittany Jepsen: @housethatlarsbuilt, Corrie Beth Hogg: @corriebethmakes, Rebecca Thuss: @thussfarrell
Merrilee Liddiard: @mer_mag, Rachel Faucett: @handmadecharlotte, Liz Stanley: @sayyesblog, Robert Mahar: @robert_mahar, Jodi Levine: @supermakeit, Amanda Kingloff @amandakingloff