If you’re hunting eggs inside and don’t want to risk finding an overlooked one under the couch in weeks to come, save the real thing and let kids hunt for paper versions they colored in themselves. (Which means they’ll have something to do the days before Easter while you’re cooking and getting ready.)

You can print out our colored-in version, the black and white pattern to fill in, or blank eggs to design yourself. Hand everyone a paper “basket” they can put all of their eggs in and let the a-tisket, a-tasket-ing begin!

You can also:

String them together into a garland

Scatter them across the table as confetti

Write notes wishing each other a Happy Easter

Print out two copies and play a matching game of Concentration

Punch a hole in the top and tie them onto Easter baskets as gift tags

Hang them from your door, a tree in your yard, or on a branch on a vase from your Easter table

Write names on them and use them as placecards

Use the banners to decorate you basket or your table








What you’ll need:


Step 1 Download the Egg Hunt Template, cut, and print out

Step 2 Color in eggs and basket (if using black and white version)

Step 3 Use the banner to decorate the basket or your Easter table

Step 4 Hide eggs, pass out baskets and tape and start the hunt!