When you’ve got food, fun and drinks, adorable décor is the cherry on top of your party sundae.


What you’ll need:

(for one cherry pair)


Step 1 Print out the Cherry Leaf template, cut out, trace onto green paper and cut out a pair of leaves.


Step 2 Cut a 20-inch length of green string. Wrap one around the middle of the leaf pair, where the two paper leaves join.


Step 3 Blow up 2 medium-sized red balloons (with air, not helium, so that they’ll hang down) until they’re round—don’t let them get too full. Tie the tails of the green string around knots of the balloons.


Step 4 Repeat to make as many pairs as you need. Attach cherries to the wall (painter’s tape works well as it won’t pop the balloon or leave a mark on the wall).

This cherry orchard makes a great focal point and a photo backdrop, too! For more sweet décor ideas, check out the Ice Cream party chapter of Celebrate Everything! For other fun things to do with balloons, see the Décor Details chapter.

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