Whether it’s your holiday party, New Year’s Eve, a wedding, or any other occasion that has you putting on your party clothes, you can dress up your champagne glass too! Whether you bedazzle the glasses before guests arrive or set out a station and let guests gild their own, shimmering rims are a sparkling way to top off your toast.

You’ll Need

  • Champagne glasses (coupes or flutes or wine glasses, whatever you have)
  • Corn Syrup
  • Sanding sugars and edible glitter


Step 1 Pour corn syrup into a flat bowl, and sanding sugar/glitter into other, separate bowls

Step 2 Dip glass into corn syrup, then into sanding sugar or edible glitter of your choice

Step 3 Fill with your drink and float rose petals or other food-safe add ins

Step 4 Make a toast and drink up!

1. Crackers, 2. Champagne Stopper, 3. Champagne Bucket, 4. Appetizer Plates, 5. White Sprinkles, 6. Gold Sprinkles, 7. Gold Star Sprinkles, 8. Champagne Coupe

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