Enjoy the fun of a beach vacation all year long with a beach scrapbox on your wall. It’s a 3-D frame filled with a snapshot of the seashore and/ or other souvenirs, like shells, sand, sea glass—anything that says beach to you. Glue the objects to the back of the frame, hang the scrapbox on your wall and look at it any time you need a little sunshine. Making it is half the fun—reliving your beach days every time you see it is the rest!


Ideas for Filling Your Beach Scrapbox

—Add sand to your shadow box, below your beach photo
—Collect sand from all of the beaches you’ve visited; store the different sand in decorative jars that you can display
—Arrange shells in a collage with individual labels describing where they’re from
—Make a different beach scrapbox for every year, either showing the same beach or different ones
—Frame postcards
—Draw pictures of yourselves swimming, surfing, having fun at the beach and include those in the frame

There are as many options as there are ways to have fun at the beach.

Darcy Miller Designs

What You’ll Need:

Shadowbox photo frame
Vacation photos and/or drawings
Beach souvenirs like seashells, sand, or ticket stubs



Step One: Open your frame and arrange photos/drawings/shells where you’d like them.

Step Two: Secure items in place with glue.

Step Three (Optional): Fill the bottom of the scrapbox with sand.

Step Four: Close scrapbox folding 3-D frame directions and hang on the wall.