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What’s the greatest gift you can bring to a baby shower (or sip and see, or gender reveal)? Good parenting advice—whether it’s something your parents did with you or you practice with your own kids! Our onesie baby advice card templates make it easy and fun to share parenting tips or offer reassurance to a new parent or mama- or papa-to-be—and they’re adorable party decor, too!

Make a game of it by passing them out at a shower, reading the answers out loud and guessing who wrote what; you can have far-away guests, or those at a virtual shower, print out their own to mail to mama.

Or, turn them into decor by stringing them together as a garland, or placing one atop each plate at a lunch shower. They’re such fun decorations during the party, and make a sweet souvenir (and useful resource!) for new parents after. The best part? No matter how big the baby grows, these onesies, full of love and advice, are always just the right size.



What You Need:


Step 1 Download Baby Advice Card, print, and cut out.

Step 2 Pass around along with pens or pencils for guests to fill in advice. Then read aloud, collect for the new parents, or string along a clothesline for shower or nursery decor.