Your hungry guests aren’t the only ones who will be thankful for this harvest-themed grazing board; you’ll love that you assemble it before they arrive, set it out and never have to lift another finger over appetizers.

This one was put together by Shari Iver, founder of Graze New York, on making your own Autumnal Grazing Board, who shares her advice for serving up a Fall Grazing Board below.

Look for In-Season Produce.
“In Fall, the main things I like to put on my graze boards are items like figs, pomegranate, persimmons and Concord grapes.”
Mix it up with Autumnal Nuts
“Instead of the usual cashews and almonds, I used hazelnuts and pumpkins seeds.”
Add a Little Pumpkin Spice.
“Here, I brought in pumpkin butter and pumpkin spice biscotti.
Stick to a Color Palette
“Fall’s a moodier season than summer, so I use deep blues, purples, and oranges.”
Add Fun Extras—Even Those That Can’t Be Eaten
“To make it more whimsical, I added fall elements like mini pumpkins and gourds and greenery.”

Just in case you’d like know exactly what’s on this particular board Shari built—here is the info:

Cave-aged bleu cheese
Cheddar cheese curds
Goat or brie cheese
Toscana cheese soaked in Syrah

Dry-aged salami
Prosciutto di Parma
Applewood smoked salami

Concord grapes
Dinosaur pluots
Dried sweet cherries
Dried wild blueberries
Green and black olives
Pomegranate seeds
Dried mandarins
Dried white peaches
Lady apples

Oregon hazelnuts
Pumpkin-spiced pumpkin seeds
Sesame-honey cashews

Fig jam
Pumpkin butter

Pumpkin biscotti

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