These paper statuettes can be used at your Academy Awards party as place settings, centerpieces or even as awards for your guests for the Best Dressed, Best Thank You Speech Improv or Most Correct Predictions–the list goes on!
What You’ll Need:
How to:
Step 1 Go to Darcy’s Downloads and print out the Oscar Statuette
Step 2 Trace onto paper and cut out three Oscars
Step 3 Fold each Oscar in half longways
Step 4 Glue or stick together with doublestick tape so that the folded edges of each Oscar meet in the middle

Chocolate Film ReelsAll it takes is some plain sticker paper to personalize a chocolate coin with anything: a photo, a name, or something on-theme like a film reel

What You’ll Need:
  • Film Reel Sticker template
  • Plain white 1 1/12 inch circle sticker paper sheets
  • (You can also cut circles out of sticker paper or regular paper and glue on)
  • Chocolate coins

How to:

Step 1 Go to Darcy’s Downloads and print as many sheets of the Film Reel Stickers as you need

Step 2 Stick on chocolate coins

Step 3 You’re done!
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