Throwing a fun party is easy as pie—if you make everyone’s favorite dessert your theme! For any occasion, pie is as decorative as it is delicious. If you’re ready to throw your own pie-tastic party (pie not?), read on for ideas.

Pie Potluck: Have everyone bring a pie, some savory (quiche counts!), some sweet.

D.I.Pie: Set out some mini pies (pumpkin works well for this!) and let everyone add their own garnish: candy corn, maple-shaped cookies, whipped cream, confectioner’s sugar, apple slices, whatever soothes your sweet tooth!

Pie-eating contest. For this game, gluttony is good.

Pie-in-the-face. Kids love this game, whether it’s the board game version (yes, this exists) or you D.I.Pie with whipped-cream filled pie plates.

Tic Tac Pie: A “cherry pie” made out of paper doubles as a placemat and a Tic Tac Toe gameboard. It’s easy to make with our Tic Tac Pie Placemat Template.

Pie Decor: our straw-toppers also work as confetti, banners, wine charms, and placecards, too!

Cutie Pie Favors: Use our Pie Slice Box Template to create card-stock favor boxes that look like a slice of dessert. Fill them with candy for guests to take home after the party’s over.

Pie Placemats: Guests can rest their plate atop a whole pumpkin or cherry pie—one that’s made out of felt using our Felt Pie Placemat template.

If you’re feeling ambitious, the showstopper of any Pie Party is a homemade one! Petra Paredez, owner of Petee’s Pies, baked all of the delicious examples above, and shares her coveted Butter Crust Apple Pie recipe here.

Fill-In-the-Pie Game

At Thanksgiving, give everyone a slice of Thankful Pie to fill in with their list of what makes them feel grateful. At pie parties on other occasions, a blank version is just as fun; list reasons you love the guest of honor at a birthday, resolutions at New Year’s, or a round-up of your favorite pies any time! Or if you’re having a fall wedding, use these instead of a guest book or invite guests to write words of advice.

Pumpkin Pie Sippers

Add a slice of pie to your party beverage with these straw toppers!

1. Orange Napkin, 2. Glass Container, 3. Gold Measuring Cups, 4. Fruit Peeler, 5. Glass Mixing Bowls, 6. Gold Pie Sever and Knife, 7. Rolling Pin