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My own workspace is filled with personal details—as everyone’s desk should be! I’ve always wanted to design wallpaper, so when we were moving into the studio, I created a print featuring some of my signature illustrations. The Darcy Miller x Chasing Paper Celebrate Everything wallpaper has a gray background that’s neutral enough for an office, but is printed with a pattern of fun, celebratory symbols. It’s filled with everything from cupcakes to lucky ladybugs to flying paper airplanes, so it’s like a happy, never-ending game of I Spy!

There are always a lot of fun odds and ends on my desk, anything from a gold slinky to a gold notebook, to a gold pencil cup…can you tell I love metallics?

I do love little details, but the one thing that isn’t little is my giant computer screen. Given how many times I ask around the office to “see things bigger,” it was definitely necessary!

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  1. Desktop Computer, 2. Darcy Miller x Chasing Paper Celebrate Everything wallpaper, 3. Acrylic Sunglasses, 4. Heart Ring Dish, 5. Gold Notebook, 6. Gold Spring Toy

Darcy Miller Designs, Darcy Miller, Studio Tour, Office Design
When I’m at my office, the thing I miss most is my daughters, so I decided to illustrate them running through to say hi. Then, I turned the illustrations into decals, which are great decor because they’re removable and easy to apply. Decals are a fun, fast way to personalize a room because you can order custom shapes made out of drawings, photos or anything you want to see on your wall.
Darcy Miller Designs, Darcy Miller, Studio Tour, Office Design

For me the trick to an efficient office is keeping everything accessible but organized. (Having things tucked away looks good, but isn’t very handy.) The key to doing that is having storage accessories you love. Keep everything in the same palette, so it looks good, too. Here are my top accessory picks:

An acrylic collator so my file folders stay organized and upright
A clear tray contains the many cups and supplies on the desk
A mini gold three-ring binder for papers I want to keep handy
A Russel + Hazel hole punch, which fits my mini binder exactly.
A clear acrylic cup to hold necessities and fun extras, like oversized paperclips
-A gold pencil jar—perfect for my illustration of a gold ruler!

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1. Mini Gold Binder, 2.  Acrylic Mini Collator, 3. Gray File Folders, 4. Acrylic Mini Hole Punch, 5. Gold Folio, 6. Notepad Set, 7. Pink Pen, 8. Mega Paper Clip 

Darcy Miller Designs, Darcy Miller, Studio Tour, Office Design
I always have a lot of gold details on my desk—and one colorful bloom.

Darcy Miller Designs, Darcy Miller, Studio Tour, Office Design

I still love to write snail mail, so on the other side of my desk, a standing holder organizes some of my favorite stationery. Alongside it, a narrow, clear tray contains cups of confetti for slipping into the envelopes, styling into photos, or sprinkling on someone’s birthday table.

Darcy Miller Designs, Darcy Miller, Studio Tour, Office Design

My top drawer is filled with every clip, tack and staple imaginable–at least the ones that come in gold! And, if you don’t have a drawer, these metallic essentials look great sitting on a desk, too.

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Darcy Miller Designs, Darcy Miller, Studio Tour, Office Design

No Darcy Miller Designs Studio would be complete without a full marker station to make drawing as easy as possible. People always ask me if I use all those colors, and the answer is YES! Me in an art supply store is like a kid in a candy store.

I separate markers by color and type of pen, with each group kept in clear glasses and lined up on a lucite tray. This makes it much faster for me to find colors when I’m drawing. It’s also a great idea for any collection of office supplies that you want to stay neat. When everything has a place, it’s easier to keep it there—and then to find it when you need it!

While I appreciate a neat desktop, I always keep a few treasures on mine for inspiration. So, I’ve got a paper flower Rebecca Thuss made for me, a heart shaped Hermès box my husband Andy gave to me, and other special little things I collect.

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1. Acrylic Tray, 2. Glass, 3. Brass and Acrylic Box, 4. Marker Set, 5. Lamp, 6. Glass Canister, 7. Lightbox