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A little confetti turns any moment into a celebration. It’s endlessly customizable because it comes in so many shapes, sizes, and colors. I’ve even made custom confetti with my artwork! You can make confetti mixes for any occasion. I use confetti all the time, whether I’m sending a letter, styling a table for a photo shoot or throwing a birthday party. We use confetti so often, we need an accessible place to store it.

The perfect place turned out to be a set of drawers right in the main room of the studio. The long, shallow drawers are just right for holding small clear cups, lined up inside. You can see them here in this bird’s-eye view of our two “confetti drawers” pulled out, one above the other. The confetti is sorted by color and type, kept in open containers so we can reach in to grab what we need for easy mixing. A label at the bottom of each cup lists where the confetti came from. That means we can easily order more when we run low. Don’t have a huge confetti collection at home? No problem! It’s also a great system for storing spices, tea, or anything else you can decant.

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