Special projects, collaborations, and products with creative and high-quality partners from the world of Darcy Miller Designs, featuring distinctive artwork and extra-special touches.

Darcy Miller X Chasing Paper Paris  View Wall Decal
(small and large)

Wherever you are, this removable wall decal creates an instant window onto the City of Lights—because Paris is always a good idea.

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Darcy Miller x Chasing Paper Celebrate Everything Wallpaper

You can have fun at work—if you wallpaper your office with this Celebrate Everything wallpaper which turns every day into a game of I Spy.

Darcy Miller x Chasing Paper Crystal Chandelier Decal

This removable chandelier decal is an easy way to bring some sparkle to your office, party, or home!

Darcy Miller x Chasing Paper Boutique Chandelier Decal

Easy to adhere and remove, my Crystal Chandelier Decal adds instant glam to any space in seconds flat.

Darcy Miller x Chasing Paper New York City View Decal (small and large)

This removable decal makes any space a room with a NYC view—of the Empire State Building!

Darcy Miller x Chasing Frame Set One Decals

Decal frames are a simple way to personalize your space. Whether you use one or a whole wall, you can showcase art, turn a note into decor, or spotlight something hangable, like headphones or keys.

Darcy Miller x Chasing Frame Set Two Decals

Decal frames are great for photos in a nursery, art in a kids’ room, and galleries at events—which you can bring home post-party. And if you want to change a certain display? Swap it out! It’s just that easy.

Darcy Miller x Chasing Paper Memo Blank Decals

These blank note decals are so easy to fill out and personalize, so stick them anywhere you could use a little reminder.

Darcy Miller x Chasing Paper Celebrate Everything Decals

Inspired by my book, Celebrate Everything!, these little reminders help me live my motto, by finding something to celebrate every day.

Darcy Miller x Chasing Paper Don’t Forget…You’re Awesome Decals

Sometimes even the most self-confident among us could use a little reminder. These decals are a great gift to support the people you love—including yourself.

Darcy Miller x Chasing Paper Think Outside the Box Decal

Whether you’re problem-solving at work or in life, this “hanging” sign decal is a little reminder that creativity makes the world go around.

Darcy Miller x Chasing Paper Don’t Forget…Decals

Sometimes we all need a little reminder. These decals will make sure you don’t forget to keep things in perspective, to take a pause (even if it’s just long enough to read this memo), or, as ever, to call your mom!


Celebrate Everything!
by Darcy Miller

The ultimate guide to making every day special and special occasions unforgettable, Celebrate Everything! invites readers into real-life parties, and offers ideas, instructions, and inspiration for making the best occasions in life even better.

Our Wedding Scrapbook
by Darcy Miller

Inspired by Darcy’s love of scrapbooking and her expertise in weddings, this book helps couples document their lives during all the planning, celebrations, and meaningful moments that go into a wedding and honeymoon.

Past Collaborations

Darcy Miller X Maman Celebrate Maman Gift Box

Mom makes every day special! On Mother’s Day, return the favor with this Celebrate Maman Gift Box we created with NYC’s famed French bakery. It’s a Mother’s Day celebration in a box complete with a mix and recipe for baking Maman’s strawberries-and-champagne cake, sloane crimson tea, our limited edition paper cups, and Celebrate Everything to help inspire all mom’s future celebrations.

Darcy Miller × Lenox
Celebrate Everything Tidbit Plates

These petite plates embody Darcy’s belief that every day is worth celebrating. With signature designs—from love letters to sweet treats—these plates add a special touch to Lenox’s ivory bone china. Use them for anything, whether it’s a birthday cupcake, Tuesday’s take-out, or odds and ends on your desk.

Darcy Miller × Bloomingdale’s
Little Love Bag Tote

Bloomingdale’s iconic carrier gets the Darcy Miller treatment. The Little Brown Bag is reinterpreted in reusable, water-resistant plastic and printed with sweet talking speech bubbles, lips, roses, and other images that make the tote as fun as it is practical.

Darcy Miller × Louis Sherry
Special Delivery 2-pc Chocolate Tin

This mini mailbox filled with love contains two heart-shaped Louis Sherry chocolates. The keepsake tin, covered inside and out with Darcy’s designs including love birds, long-stemmed roses, and—of course—love letters sealed with kisses, can be used long after the chocolates are gone.

Darcy Miller × Louis Sherry
Gold Standard 12-pc Chocolate Tin

Celebrate love with this tin covered in a classic Darcy Miller print of all things love-inspired: champagne coupes and crowns, paper airplanes, a lock and key, kisses, and more. Filled with a dozen Louis Sherry chocolates, this ivory and gold tin is one you’ll want to hold on to.

Darcy Miller × Sugarfina
Sweet Talk Candy Cubes

Sugarfina’s Sugar Lips, Rosé Bears, and Pink Diamond gummy candies are an even sweeter gift with these Darcy Miller cubes. They say it with love…and candy! Mix and match or stack them together to really make a statement.

Darcy Miller × Schwinn
Two to Tango Tandem Bicycle

Schwinn’s Tango tandem bicycle is made even more special than it already is in metallic gold covered in lucky stars.

Darcy Miller × Prinkshop
Language of Love Tees

These t-shirts and sweatshirts make the statement of LOVE. Simple and graphic, they’re a good reminder of love, no matter what language you speak.

Darcy Miller × Levi’s
Just-for-You Custom Embroidery

Custom embroidery with Darcy’s designs gives a little wink to everyday denim.

Darcy Miller × Joya
Love Bird Candle

Darcy partnered with NYC-based Joya Studio to create this gift candle with a scent that’s as lovely and fragrant as a celebratory bouquet of flowers thanks to a blend of tuberose, gardenia, plum, mandarin, and hyacinth leaf.

Darcy Miller
Lucky Handkerchiefs

A classic gift becomes a good luck charm when it’s embroidered with Darcy’s icons. Choose a four-leaf clover, lucky number seven dice, a nickname for the Mr. Perfect in your life, or just a straightforward “Lucky.

Darcy Miller × Sugar Paper
With Love Note Cards

Packed with some of Darcy’s favorite products handpicked from Bobbi Brown, Becca, AERIN, Jo Malone, MAC, GLAMGLOW, and Bumble and bumble, this chic beauty bag is printed with Darcy’s signature lovebird, and includes her love-inspired designs on its lining.

Darcy Miller
To Glow Beauty Bag

Packed with some of Darcy’s favorite products handpicked from Bobbi Brown, Becca, AERIN, Jo Malone, MAC, GLAMGLOW, and Bumble and bumble, this chic beauty bag is printed with Darcy’s signature lovebird, and includes her love-inspired designs on its lining.

Darcy Miller × Frances Valentine
Love Always Small Chloe Tote

Frances Valentine’s Chloe Tote—in timeless black leather or party-ready gold—is just the right size to carry life’s little necessities. It’s accessorized with a gold, heart-shaped keychain in Darcy’s signature lovebird shape, an essential reminder to Love Always.

Darcy Miller × Graphic Image
Leather Gifts

This one of-a-kind leather collection has everything from luggage tags to envelope-shaped clutches that make great gifts for loved ones or for yourself. Every piece has a little something extra, whether it’s the witty phrase on a journal, the gold paper clip and penny on a valet tray, or the lucky charm endpapers of a notebook.

Darcy Miller x Maison LaBiche
Affectionate Apparel

For a collaboration with Maison Labiche, Darcy incorporated her signature style and favorite phrases.

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