Your guests will be thankful for this cute little dinner companion; rest him at each placesetting so he can greet them as they sit down.

What you’ll need:

  • Tabletop Turkey template
  • round wooden beads of 2 different sizes
  • paper (red and orange shown here)
  • scissors
  • black permanent marker or paint pen
  • dried wheat
  • glue dots


Step 1 Your bigger bead will be the bottom and the smaller bead will be the top. Making sure not to cover the hole in the bottom bead, attach the smaller bead to the larger one with the glue dot.

Step 2 Download and print Tabletop Turkey template, cut out, and trace the beak and the wattle onto paper. Use tiny glue dots to attach pieces to the top bead as shown. You can also just draw on his beak with a permanent marker.

Step 3 Draw the turkey’s eyes above his beak by making two dots with the black pen.

Step 4 Stick a bunch of stalks of wheat through the hole in the bottom bead so it’s packed in.