With just a little paper and glue, turn your cupcakes into a sailing fleet.


What you’ll need:

Note: our templates are sized for mini cupcakes. Scale up for regular-sized cupcakes or even WAY up to use on one big cake. Larger sails will be easier to cut out, especially for kids!


Step 1 Download and print out the Cakestand Waves template, cut it out, trace waves onto paper, cut, and attach the wave strip to the cakestand with glue dots or tape.


Step 2 Print the Cupcake Sails template out onto paper. Cut out sails and punch holes at top and bottom of each. Trace onto color construction paper for colored sails and flag, or just use markers to color in!

Step 3 Poke the largest sail onto a toothpick, then poke it through the smallest sail onto the same toothpick, just above the big one. Thread the medium-sized sail onto a separate toothpick.


Step 4 Cut little triangles out of paper to use as flags. Dip the top end of each toothpick into Elmer’s glue to attach the flag—or use tape.


Step 5 Top each cupcake with two toothpicks—one with the large and small sail, another with the medium sail. Arrange your cupcake flotilla on the cakestand sea.


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