Darcy Miller, Mother's Day, Brunch, Roses

Darcy Miller, Mother's Day, Brunch, Roses


For Mother’s Day, give your mom the chance to see everything through rosé-colored glasses. Make the table extra “rosy” with fresh and paper blooms and a meal to match—serve pink food from radishes and salmon to macarons and berries.


What You’ll Need:


Step 1 Print out Paper Rose Template on white cardstock

Step 2 Cut out paper roses and arrange in a vase or use as tags, notecards or placecards

Step 3 Set up mom’s favorite pink snacks, whether sweet or savory, and pour a glass of rosé

Step 4 Arrange real roses alongside the paper ones and sprinkle petals across table

Step 5 Your Mother’s Day Brunch is officially rosy!

Darcy Miller, Mother's Day, Brunch, Roses

Make these paper roses ahead, and use them in any—or all—of these sweet ways on Mother’s Day: Display in a vase, set on the table as place cards, attach to presents as gift tags, deliver as notecards, or send up a dozen alongside breakfast in bed.

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