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Play this game on New Year’s Eve to send off the old year in style and make plans for the new one. Works great at a place setting, too!

What You’ll Need:



Step 1 Download the NYE fortune teller template and print onto a piece of 8 1/2 X 11 paper and cut at the end of the template to make a square.


Step 2 Fold the plain paper diagonally and crease to make lines.


Step 3 Fold all corners so the points meet in the middle, as shown. You should now have a smaller square.


Step 4 Flip the square over and fold up the new corners so that the points meet in the middle again, as shown.


Step 5 Fold the square in half, unfold, and fold in half the other way.

anniversary_0805_07Step 6 Work your fingers into the corners from the fold side.


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